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Ex Fabula: Sisters

Kat Schleischer
The sister storytelling duo, Laura Halfmann and Stephanie Pyfer.

On March 29th, Ex Fabula was honored to partner with FROM HERE TO HER—An Artist Collective for a Public Art and Community Dialogue. FROM HERE TO HER Artist Collective is an alliance of female art activists with chapters in Milwaukee and New York. Through public art projects, youth artist mentoring, community workshops and more, their mission is to amplify the voices of girls and women in their communities as well as to demonstrate the positive power of mutual support and opportunity-creation among women.

To celebrate this collaboration, we are looking back at some of our favorite stories about sisterhood, both the sisters we have through blood and the sisters we have through the bond of womanhood.

The relationship between sisters is one of the most complicated and influential relationships a woman can have. It’s often also very entertaining as we see from our favorite sister storytelling duo, Laura Halfmann and Stephanie Pyfer. On a visit to China, the sisters heard of a giant golden Buddha seated at the summit of one of China’s mountains. Armed with gelatinous nutrition drinks, “monkey sticks” and a can-do attitude, the sisters set off on a journey they would never forget.

Not all sisters are blood related. A global sisterhood is emerging, a community of women looking after and ahead of each other in an effort to protect and advance each of us. Angela Cunningham is such a sister. In September 2014 Ex Fabula was fortunate to collaborate with the folks at Legal Action of Wisconsin. Angela, former social worker turned attorney for the disadvantaged, shared the moving story of a young client named “Tammy” who was trying to find a way out of an abusive marriage. Sadly, Tammy’s story was not that uncommon. However, with Angela’s help, Tammy has a chance at a safer, happier future.

Speaking of future, our next and last Story Slam of the season is coming on April 19th. This month’s theme is “Do the Math” and if you’ve done your math you’d know that we’ve SOLD OUT the last three Story Slams. And, mark your calendars for Ex Fabula All Stars on May 13th at Turner Hall.

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