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Ex Fabula: Oops!

Art Montes

Oops, we did it again. No, not the Britney Spears song. Our February Story Slam, Degrees of Separation, was our second sold out show of 2015! 

Thanks to all of those who have been defying Old Man Winter to warm up with some amazing storytellers. The word is out. Ex Fabula is IN.

We’ve all had those “Oops” moments in life, locking your keys in the car, replying all to a work e-mail, wearing mismatched socks on a date. And our March Story Slam is just the place to share these awesome “Oops” worthy stories. We’ll be filling the seats at Lucille’s Piano Bar on March 11th to commiserate over some of our favorite mistakes. Get there early to ensure a seat or order online and leave the rest to us. 

Credit Art Montes
Jordan Reichardt shares her story.

Many years ago, before 9/11 and before TSA was an everyday acronym, Drew Brhel spent the summer working for a theater on the East Coast. He agreed to book the flight under another student’s name so that student could earn the frequent flyer miles. Drew to his destination arrived safely and spent the summer as expected. However, the return flight was an entirely different story. Tune in to hear how a pretty airline attendant, a very difficult alias and an American Express card led to one major “Oops!”

With the theme Who Knew?, there were bound to be a couple of “Oops” stories at our January Slam. One of our favorites was from Jordan Reichardt. For 12-year-old Jordan, staying home from school by herself was the pinnacle of adolescent independence. Until strange voices, footsteps overhead and a vivid imagination led to hiding in the closet and dialing 911. When the dust settled, Jordan realized she had stumbled upon the answer to a childhood mystery. Meanwhile, the housekeeper and the police were sorting out a mystery of their own.

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