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Ex Fabula And Panalure: A Night of Love, Lust And Murder

Brian D. Jacobson, BlurRadial

Ex Fabula hosted a night of stories in the spirit of love, lust and murder at Anodyne Coffee in Walker’s Point on Saturday, January 24th. Milwaukee’s Panalure performed a set featuring songs from their latest release, The Bones ­­- our current “Album of the Week.”

Milwaukee musician Peter Woods shared a tour story about how his band E=MC Hammer unexpectedly played to a room full of funeral mourners and almost got talked into staying with a crazed host.

OnMilwaukee’s Molly Snyder delivered an intimate tale about an affair and how a drunk driver hitting her car led her to telling the truth.

Brian D. Jacobson, BlurRadial
Storyteller Molly Snyder

We also heard from 2013’s Ex Fabula All-Star winner, Dave Hendrickson. He told the crowd about a night of meditation and dancing at Hooligan’s Super Bar on North Avenue.

Our last teller, Amy Losee, finds the art of storytelling to be cathartic. She discussed her romantic California girl roots and how an emotional meltdown while trying on Gap jeans was symbolic of her troubled marriage.

Milwaukee’s Panalure performed the following:

1.       “As Ah Lay Dine”

2.       “I’ll Remember”

3.       “Reckless Annabelle”

4.       “Collection”

5.       “Slow Burn”

6.       “Existential Cowboy Song”

7.       “Hunker Down”

We’d like to thank Bruce Winter, Matt McClutchy of Anodyne Coffee, and especially our outstanding engineer Jon Strelecki for allowing us to make good on our promise to bring you great local music.              

Brian D. Jacobson, BlurRadial

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