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Ex Fabula: Stories from the Workshop

Art Montes

If you know anything about Ex Fabula, you know that every Story Slam we make room for first-time storytellers (or Newbies).

It’s always a great thrill when one of our Storytelling Workshops participants takes to the stage for the first time, telling a story discovered and finely crafted with the help of experienced Ex Fabula volunteers and staff.

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller David Hendrickson

Not only do we hold community storytelling workshops, but we can craft a specific workshop for employees or group members. We’ve been thrilled to collaborate with organizations like The Jewish Community Center, Legal Action of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation and Planned Parenthood of WI. Whether professional or personal, our Storytelling Workshops bring people together to both improve their stories but also improve their understanding of the process as a whole. Not to mention becoming a part of a new and different social network.

David Hendrickson is a veteran of the Ex Fabula stage and many of you are probably familiar with his humorous anecdotes. But did you know that David once attended an Ex Fabula Storytelling Workshop? This week we’re looking back at our April 2013 Forbidden Fruits Slam and David’s recollection of childhood career aspirations. While Superman was out of reach, mild-mannered newsman, Clark Kent, seemed attainable. Did David learn how to leap tall buildings? Tune in to find out.

Our next story comes from another workshop alum, Lisa Erin Brown. A self-processed “hustler,” Lisa enjoys treasure hunting for the rare Rambo board game or vintage GI Joe dolls—they make big money on e-bay. However, when she found an old handmade Duck Tails pouch with a name penned inside, Lisa began a whole new type of treasure hunt.

Mark your calendars for February 18th for our next Story Slam, Degrees of Separation. You’ll find we’re all a little closer than you think. As always, we’ll have our hat out for the Newbies so don’t be afraid to try. We have the Stage. You have the story. Let’s share.

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