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Ex Fabula: Brothers and Sisters, Sisters and Brothers...

Ellagraph Studios

Credit Ellagraph Studios
Clarence "Sammy" Armand up on-stage.

If you were born in the 1970s, you probably had a pretty solid relationship with Marlo Thomas and her famous Free to Be, You and Me album. 

In celebration of being a child of the Seventies, ExFabulawanted to explore some stories about people and their siblings.

First off, Tim Schrapko asks you to think about our 21st Birthdays as well as your relationship between your friends, versus the ones with siblings…younger siblings who sincerely think the world of you. He told at a story slam in March of 2012 when the theme was Piece of Cake.

The next story is by Connie Moreadith, at our initial Terminal Milwaukee event held at Satin Wave in September of 2011, when the theme was Barbershop. Connie tells us (in so many words) that it takes a village to make fun of one child. This child happens to be her brother. Ah, Brotherly Love.

Lastly, at our January 2012 Faking It story slam, Clarence “Sammy” Armand gets some shocking news from his cousin about their shared past.

As you know, Ex Fabula is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization. With that, we are always looking for dynamic volunteers to help us spread the word and build our community strength and presence. Please check out Exfabula.com for more details of how you can help build a stronger foundation in Milwaukee.

You currently have one month to start thinking about your next 5 minute real, true and personal story on the theme of Ooops!Mark your calendars for March 10th to be at Lucille’s Piano Bar at 6:30 pm, when doors open.

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