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Milwaukee Comedy: Johnny Beehner


Recently, Milwaukee Comedy's Matt Kemple and WUWM's Rachel Owens had the pleasure of sitting down, chatting and laughing with comedian Johnny Beehner. Beehner is from Milwaukee and has been working on perfecting his craft since his College years. He found himself spending most of his Thursday nights doing stand-up at The Safe House restaurant downtown. He eventually started to get not-so-local gigs and was able to travel and induce some laughter in other cities and states.

He would be the first to tell you, pursuing this lifestyle wasn’t easy. After graduating college and landing a job at a home loan agency, Beehner was simply waiting to comedy full-time. Any time he had off from his day-job was used to get out to gigs and perform. There were many times where he would ask to leave work at 2:30 in the afternoon, drive five or more hours to shows, perform and then drive back through the night for work the next day.

Johnny Beehner at The Safe House in 2002

During our chat, he also recalled doing a show at Marquette and receiving really good feedback but when he got hired as an MC for shows to do announcements, he actually got told to leave his jokes out because his comedy wasn’t at a performable level yet. Not letting that hold him back, Beehner has since traveled all over the country and made appearances on Sirius satellite radio, The Bob and Tom Show, and even on network television with David Letterman.

Now, he is returning to the place where he got his start. From April 16th- 18th, you can catch Johnny Beehner being the butt of his own jokes at the Comedy Café in Milwaukee. He will be performing at different spots all over Wisconsin up until April 30th. Hear Beehner get personal and hilarious in our full interview and make sure to check out his Letterman performance from earlier this year below.

Comedy Cafe

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