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Enjoy Lake Effect's annual Irish Fest coverage.

We Banjo 3: The Woodstock of Banjos

Back in 2012 we had a brand-new band play for us in the Lake Effect studio. We Banjo 3 was here as part of Irish Fest's exploration of how Irish traditional music influenced American bluegrass and vice versa. It was the band's first appearance in America, and our interview that year was their first radio interview as a band.

They've been back every year since then playing to larger and larger audiences, and they are now headlining at Irish Fest. The two sets of brothers; Edna and Fergal Scahill, and Martin and David Howley stopped by to catch up and play several tunes, including "Long Black Veil," a set they call "Ba-dum Ba-dum," and "Gonna Write Me A Letter."