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Ex Fabula: Holiday Traditions

Art Montes
Jordan Reichardt at an Ex Fabula event.

Here we are, the weekend before Christmas and all through the…just kidding. We won’t do that to you. What we will do is thank everyone who came out to our fantastic December Spectacular! What an amazing way to end 2015! If you missed the event (we know, some of you were in line for a certain major movie), check out the recap at This will be our last Ex Fabula radio show of 2015 so we decided to share some of our favorite holiday stories from StorySlams past. Enjoy.

Credit Ex Fabula
Dan Neiderloh shares his story.

Professional chef Dan Neiderloh has been cooking all his life. He’s cooked cuisine from all over the world and it’s his personal motto to “make people happy with food.” To Dan, making people happy with food is THE definition of “comfort food.” However, Dan’s mom couldn’t cook. Perhaps that’s what inspired his passion for cooking. Yet every Christmas, his mom made her kids their favorite Christmas dessert, “Santa Claus Stomach.” Through the years, Dan realized that while Santa’s Stomach wasn’t cuisine, it was his mom’s way of trying to create a little bit of Christmas magic. And he smiled; until he tried to recreate the magic for his children…

Jordan Reichardt takes us back to Christmas morning 1994 when, sleepy-eyed, she stumbles down the stairs to find Santa Claus standing in her living room. As time turned this moment into a hazy, dream-like memory, the one thing Jordan remembers clearly is the tear in Santa’s red suit. Was it a dream or was Santa really in her living room?

Again, this will be our last Ex Fabula radio show of 2015. It has been an amazing year for Ex Fabula and we must thank Bruce Winters, Rachel Owens and WUWM for giving us the opportunity to share all of these wonderful stories throughout the year. Of course, we also thank our listeners and our Storytellers who inspire us weekly. We at Ex Fabula wish you all the Happiest of Holidays however you choose (or don’t) to celebrate and the Merriest of New Years!

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