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Ex Fabula: Change of Heart

Kathrine Schleicher
Storyteller Jeff Kerr

Happy New Year! After a two-week hiatus Ex Fabula is back and we’re busier than ever. We have a full agenda for January 2017 and we plan to bring you more stories, more programs, more volunteer opportunities and more workshops throughout 2017! It’s a New Year and we’re already on a roll. On Tuesday, January 10th we’ll kick off the new year with a "Change of Heart" StorySlam at Sugar Maple in Bay View. It’s the perfect time to fulfill that resolution to “try something new” and tell your story for the first time!

Following the StorySlam we’re excited to partner with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra on January 12th for their "Secret Symphony: Scheherazade." Ex Fabula will be collecting and sharing UltraShorts, Ex Fabula Fellow Rochelle Fritsch will appear as a guest Storyteller and the MSO will perform Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade. It’s a night not to be missed.

This week with Storytelling on the horizon (and always in our hearts) our first feature comes from Jeff Kerr and our “Better Left Unsaid” StorySlam of 2012. Jeff began with vivid memories of a boyhood summer vacation with his grandparents in coal country Kentucky. Youthful exploring and old town superstitions led to visions of clowns at dusk and a possible curse. Was it Hillbilly Magic? You decide.

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Elaine Maly

Our next story comes from one of Ex Fabula’s Season 7 All Stars, Elaine Maly. When Elaine was in fourth grade she decided that she wanted nothing more than to devote her life to God and become a nun—immediately. She visited with the Priest, she practiced wearing the habit, she sacrificed her free time and she prayed. Until one day she received a game changing sign. What could possibly make her give up the habit? Listen to find out!

We have mush more planned for January including Season 8 Fellowship Programs and our January Spectacular. Stay tuned for details!

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