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Ravyn Lenae's Music Honors The Merry-Go-Round Of Love

Rayvn Lenae's <em>Crush</em> EP is available now.
Jingyu Lin
Courtesy of the artist
Rayvn Lenae's Crush EP is available now.

At 19, R&B singer Ravyn Lenae knows how to channel her heartache. The Chicago-born artist's latest EP, Crush, proves that young people know love's perils just as well as the older and wiser. Her music recreates the merry-go-round of falling in love, even when you know it's with the wrong person.

"'Sticky' is about reaching a point in a relationship where you both realize you guys shouldn't be dating, but you're doing it anyway just because you like to have that sense of just being able to be honest with the person and comfortable with the person," Lenae says of the project's lead single. "You kind of ignore all of the signs and red flags because you really want to like the person."

Lenae associates the colors red and pink with Crush because they represent two sides of love. Red's intensity provides a foil to pink's innocence and vulnerability. For the artist, these two sides of love can be blinding.

"I think it's hard to leave a relationship that you shouldn't be in," Lenae says. "It's a self thing, and not really realizing your worth and how much you deserve in love."

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