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Drake, The King Of Summer Songs, Drops New Mixtape And Promises A New Album

Drake released a new mixtape <em>Dark Lane Demo Tapes</em> at midnight Friday and teased a new album to come in an Instagram post.
Sydney Feinberg
Courtesy of the artist
Drake released a new mixtape Dark Lane Demo Tapes at midnight Friday and teased a new album to come in an Instagram post.

With so many of the world's social rhythms disrupted, it can be reassuring when at least something is predictable, and nothing has more consistently accompanied the coming of summer in recent pop music history than new music from Drake. Right on cue, the Toronto singer, rapper and meme generator released a 14-song mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tapes, at midnight this morning, alongside an Instagram post promising his sixth studio album later this summer. Listen below.

Our most trend-aware pop star, Drake has established a clear schedule for his music. Whether it's a full-length album, a longer mixtape, or singles leading up to an August record, he always has late spring songs in pole position to become inescapable during the summer months.

Outside of its predictable seasonality, Dark Lane Demo Tapes also presents Drake comfortably ensconced in his musical wheelhouse: his signature rap-croons about money and luxury and women are practically a sub-genre unto themselves, and as always he tows the line between cool and corny in the way that only he can. (Not to mention the shooting of many shots.)

Also true to form, Drake rounds up a mix of longtime superstar collaborators and rising artists to round out the tape. Aside from Future, Dark Lane Demo Tapes also has features from Young Thug, Playboi Carti and Chris Brown as well as Brooklyn drill rapper Fivio Foreign.

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Jon Lewis is a freelance writer and producer based in New York.