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What’s got you scratching your head about Milwaukee and the region? Bubbler Talk is a series that puts your curiosity front and center.

Is There a Waterfall in Menomonee Falls?

This week's Bubbler Talk question is a simple one. Danica Herritz asked: Is or was there a falls (some sort of waterfall) in Menomonee Falls?

Lake Effect turned to Nancy Greifenhagen, board member of the Menomonee Falls Historical Society, for the answer.

Greifenhagen says there are actually two waterfalls in the Waukesha County village.

"One that everyone is more familiar with on Main Street by the dam, so the Lepper Dam has a waterfall," she says. "However, Menomonee Falls is actually named for, and known more for, the natural waterfalls that are just downstream of Main Street."

To find the natural falls, there's a walking path near Main Street that takes you along the river. "You'll see the lime kilns and on your left is the natural fall," Greifenhagen explains.

By the way, these lime kilns were built around 1890 and were active until 1894 - so not very long. During those years, the limestone in the area was crushed up, burnt in the kilns and used for building materials. 

But back to the falls,  Greifenhagen says the Lepper Dam is very picturesque. (She's also a photographer.) "Depending on the water flow, you definitely get a different viewpoint of the water trickling or just gushing over it," she says.

And, the best time to see these falls: autumn. "Everything is beautiful in September and October with the fall colors... especially in Menomonee Falls," Greifenhagen says.

If you do visit Menomonee Falls' falls in the fall, be careful to not fall into the falls.

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