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Manhunt for Wisconsin Fugitive Ends without Violence

Law enforcement officers arrested Joseph Jakubowski on a farm in southwestern Wisconsin early Friday, after a 10-day hunt for him. It started after the 32-year-old broke into a gun shop near Janesville on April 4, stole 18 firearms and mailed lengthy, threatening manifesto to President Donald Trump. It reportedly contained rants against government and religion and mentioned using the stolen weapons to launch attacks. At least one school was closed last week, after concerns spiked about Jakubowski's intentions.

He was arrested on a farm in Vernon County where he had been camping. The owner of the property Jeffrey Gorn says he was riding a four-wheeler when he spotted Jakubowski - not knowing he was the center of an intense manhunt by 150 federal, state and local authorities. Gorn, a retired school counselor, says the two talked cordially for nearly an hour, including about Jakubowski's anger with society.

Authorities say they captured him without incident, near Readstown, even though he had guns nearby.

They continue to investigate another threatening letter about Easter attacks against churches in the Sussex area, but have not yet confirmed or denied that Jakubowski authored the letter.

Because of the extensive hunt that had been underway in Wisconsin, the governor's office had canceled Saturday's annual Easter egg hunt in Madison, but after Jakubowski's arrest on Friday, Gov. Walker says the egg hunt for children will take place.