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For Christians, Easter Is More than Just One Day

It's Easter Monday, the day after Christians around the world celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. To Christians, Easter Sunday is the pinnacle of the religious year because the faithful believe Jesus confirmed the religion’s claims by rising from the dead.

With some exceptions, Christians celebrate Easter day the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Easter is a season for some denominations, and the days before Easter Sunday also hold special meaning.

Liturgy expert and Roman Catholic priest Dr. Edward Foley explains that there are actually three days of Easter – also called Triduum.

During this time, Foley explains Christians are called on to be mindful of Jesus' message. 

"Christ rose and calls us to encounter the risen Lord – in the stranger, in the good and bad things that happen in our lives, and also to have a mission to be the same encounter for others," he says.

Foley is a liturgy expert with the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, and a UW-Madison alumnus.