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What Makes a Successful Nonprofit Board

CharityChannel Press

There are nonprofit organizations in many sectors of life – from education, to arts, to media.  But what nonprofits have in common is how they’re governed – through a board of directors.

But what makes some boards successful in guiding a nonprofit group, while others spin their wheels?

A new book on nonprofit boards offers advice in just this area.  It’s called You And Your Nonprofit Board.

The book includes chapters by two Milwaukee nonprofit executives – Frank Martinelli, President of the Center for Public Skills Training in Milwaukee, and Pat Wyzbinski, President of Management Cornerstones in Milwaukee. It’s edited by Terrie Temkin, and it is part of the In the Trenches series.

"You have many people who have sat on a lot of boards over many, many years who feel they understand governance – they know what to do – and unfortunately, it hasn’t been working very well," Temkin says.

They’ll all be part of a book launch event tomorrow afternoon at RedLine Milwaukee.

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