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New Novel Explores A Centuries-Old Conspiracy Theory About A Bavarian King


The Milwaukee Film Festival, which runs into next week features both films with local ties, and also internationally significant titles. One of the latter is a film called Ludwig II, about the 19th Century king of Bavaria, known as “The Mad Monarch,” or “The Fairy Tale King.”

And since his life is the stuff of legend, it’s also the focus of literature, including a new book by author Oliver Pötzsch, who was in Milwaukee recently to discuss it.

The Ludwig Conspiracy is a historical novel that ties together some conspiracy theories about Ludwig’s death with real, documented history.

Pötzsch, who is from Germany, spoke with Lake Effect’s Dan Harmon about how the subject matter in this new novel differs from the history he’d written about before.

Oliver Pötzsch is the author of the new novel The Ludwig Conspiracy, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He was in Milwaukee earlier this month for readings at Boswell Book Company and Mystery One.

Trailer for the film Ludwig II:

Dan Harmon was one of the original members of Lake Effect (formerly At Ten). He started at WUWM in November of 1998 and left December of 2015 after 17 years of production.