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Library Represents Today in Time Capsule for People of Tomorrow

Libraries are known to be a treasure-trove of information new and old. Although the role the library plays in today’s society is shifting, Milwaukee Public Libraries are currently building a new library for the East Side.

Opening in November, the library’s construction is at a point where the librarians could put something in the walls. The librarians of the East Library decided to put a time capsule in the walls. The time capsule was placed in the wall on Friday June 20th  , including a jump drive, a library card, and a copy of 50 Shades of Grey.

“We moved out of our old building and we had a lot of really cool funky stuff that we got rid of and sold to get ready to move and I thought  ‘aw, we lost all of that stuff,’” says Beth Gabriel. “But really, what you really want your time capsule to be a snapshot of your life right now.”

Harper Robison, a Circulation Assistant, and Beth Gabriel, a Reference Assistant, joined Lake Effect’s Eleanor Peterson by phone.