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Umbrella Group Hopes 'God of Carnage' Smiles on New Production

Maria Petrella

When you’re a kid, what happens on the playground, stays on the playground. Unless, of course, what happens on the playground is an injury. And that’s when parents often get involved.

In the case of the two couples at the heart of the play, God of Carnage, what happens when the parents get involved is probably worse than what happened on the playground in the first place.

God of Carnage opens Thursday at In Tandem’s 10th Street Theater, and is the debut production by Umbrella Group Milwaukee – a group which features some names who are veterans of the Milwaukee theatre scene.

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich chats with director Bo Johnson, actors Libby Amato, Anna Figlesthaler, and Jason Will, and stage manager Erin Eggers.