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Rep. Moore Reacts to Dontre Hamilton Decision

Light Brigading

Reaction is continuing to come in around the community in the wake of Monday's decision in the Dontre Hamilton case.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm released his investigative report Monday in the case. Chisholm announced he has declined to press charges against former Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney, who shot and killed Hamilton in an altercation at Red Arrow Park in April.  Later on Monday, a federal investigation was launched to look further at the case to see whether or not Hamilton's civil rights were violated.

Gwen Moore represents Milwaukee and Wisconsin's 4th district in Congress. She also was one of the people who were outspoken in requesting the federal investigation.

Moore points to systemic problems she sees in law enforcement's relationship with the community. "[It's] the broken windows theory, where you just enforce every single law that 's broken," she says, that "has really established this hostile environment, or maintained this hostile environment, between the police department and African-Americans."

Moore says she hopes for bipartisan cooperation to enact police reform around the country.  But she also suggested "something akin to a truth and reconciliation [commission], as was done in South Africa, to really, on both sides, sort of own up to some of the difficulties that we face."