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Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative Hopes a Dance Party will Generate Lasting Results

Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative

The Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative, and its impact on Milwaukee families, has been featured on Lake Effect in the past.

Last year, we spoke with members of the initiative who were planning a major summit to better connect men in underserved communities with resources to help them become better fathers.

While that annual event brings together a lot of men for important conversations, the other major date on the initiative’s calendar involves not just the men, but their daughters.

Outreach coordinator for the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative, Dennis Walton joined Lake Effect's Mitch Tiech in the studio to discuss the people they serve, the challenges fathers face and the upcoming annual Daddy-Daughter Dance.

"The relationship between fathers and daughters are critical," Walton said. "It's also critical that we do our very best to encourage and inspire men to be motivated to be better fathers. Men are not celebrating their children like they used to in the we try to create events that allow fathers to establish greater bonds with their children and with their families."

Note: The 2015 Daddy-Daughter Dance is sold out.

Audrey Nowakowski hosts and produces Lake Effect. She joined WUWM in 2014.