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Racine Art Museum Attracting Fans for Its Peep Show

Take some sugar, some corn syrup, gelatin, and potassium sorbate and you have…art? 

The Racine Art Museum is encouraging all to make use of a beloved Easter candy treat - Peeps! Lake Effect's own Mitch - and several related Teichs - are among the 104 artists who have creations in the Racine Art Museum’s 6th Annual International PEEPS Art Exhibition, which opens March 26th with a reception.  There are 88 total entries, each somehow relating to that seasonal junk food known as Marshmallow Peeps.

The material might be fluffy, but you would be mistaken if you thought the artists took the challenge lightly. 

"We wanted to share that we have a sense of humor about ourselves," says Bruce Pepich, the museum's Executive Director and Curator of Collections. "And the museum, while also it is serious, is not an ivory tower. And that being smart and being creative is fun and enjoyable."

There are entries from people of all ages and artistic ability, but the one thing they have in common is the theme of the Marshmallow Peep. Whether it is a diorama of a band with Peep musicians, or pop art with the iconic bird or bunny figure as its subject - the museum continues to encourage creativity in all forms...as long as you don't eat your art.

"This is all about talking about creativity, fun in creativity, making people lifelong learners, and posing problems for us to solve in new ways," says Pepich.

The 6th Annual International PEEPS Art Exhibition runs through April 12th