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Clash of Generations: Millennials & Wisconsin Companies

Ted Eytan

Millennials make up the largest portion of Wisconsin's workforce, according to U.S. Census Current Population Surveys data. 

Appleton Post-Crescent reporter Rory Linnane highlights the generation gap that exists in some parts of the corporate world in Wisconsin. "In a lot of workplaces, you are having this clash of generations, where you have a general of millennials who have been raised using technology all their lives and then you have the older generation who may have more wisdom in the field, but aren't as familiar with new technology," Linnane says.

In a lot of cases, she says, millennials are finding and implementing more efficient ways to do things and that leads to tension between generations.

Linnane says that it is important to examine these tensions between the oldest generations and millennials because a lot of the older generation is retiring, and with that comes job openings.  "A lot of millennials are choosing to leave Wisconsin... so it's really important right now for companies to be targeting millennials specifically to make sure that they have people to fill these openings," she says.

What's being projected by the DWD Office of Economic Advisors is that at some point Wisconsin is going to face a labor gap.

In her article Millennials share workplace woes, Linnane examines the role both the state and companies play in attracting and retaining people born between the early 1980s through the early 2000s. Her piece is part of Gannett Wisconsin Media's State of Opportunity series.