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'Equity' Puts the Spotlight on Women in Wall Street

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Anna Gunn stars in "Equity" as an investment banker, fighting to rise to the top of the corporate ladder at a competitive Wall Street firm.

There have been many movies about Wall Street over the years.  “Wall Street,” for one.  But the new film, “Equity,” sees it through a different lens – that of women, and not just women who are the wives, girlfriends, or mistresses of high-powered men.

It’s a movie billed as a thriller, but film contributor Dave Luhrssen also explains that it raises some interesting philosophical questions. "It is about women in the workplace," he says. "Women rising higher in many workplaces than was traditionally the case and...still running into unique gender-based barriers."

The movie also raises questions about generational differences. "Are millenials just waiting to trip up their baby boom elders? Is it possible that younger people in places of authority just communicate with each other better than the older generation can," asks Luhrssen. 

He also notes the economic market plays a starring role, a topic that, "has been on the forefront of everyone's attention since 2008 with shenanigans dealing with home mortgages and lending and hedge funds." And Luhrssen believes viewers should be concerned about the latter, "because even if we don't play the market, we are obviously being affected by people who do."

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