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From Musician to Host: Mike Mangione's New 'Time and the Mystery' Podcast

Time & The Mystery: Conversations With Mike Mangione

Musician Mike Mangione has released a handful of albums over the last ten years, worked with a variety of notable names in the business and toured around the country and the world.

The Chicago native and Milwaukee area resident is still doing that, but he’s added a little something new to his resume – podcast host. Mangione’s podcast is called Time and the Mystery.

He explains how his idea to shift to the other side of the microphone started when he had some time to himself while on tour. "I was by myself solo and listening to a podcast and I thought 'I need to do this,'" says Mangione. "The people that I've gotten to know in the ten years of doing music is beyond musicians. I know actors and comedians and religious people and authors - I've got just this vast well of really interesting people."

Credit Mike Mangione /
Mike Mangione with podcast guest Fr. Matt Foley. "We talked about his vocation, Marquette University and the beautiful and strong faith of his dear friend Chris Farley."

Mangione believes that whether it is through music or conversation, all people share a common desire to communicate and be connected. After years of devoting his time as a musician, Mangione wanted to shift his focus and let others tell their stories. 

Many of the podcasts are recorded while Mangione is on tour. So far, he has interviewed a myriad of people from Jannie and Jim Gaffigan, to Los Angeles Dogers player AJ Ellis, to theologian Christopher West.

"My releasing of these podcasts is me almost saying, 'Here. Experience this person, they're so great.'"

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