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Ex Fabula: Luck O' the Irish

Kathrine Schleicher
Storyteller Brooke Maroldi

This weekend the summer of festivals continues as the lakefront goes green in celebration of Milwaukee’s Irish Fest. In tribute to the celebration, we deiced to look into the Ex Fabula archives for a little Irish inspiration of our own.

Brooke Maroldi grew up in an Irish Catholic neighborhood where St. Patrick’s Day was a holiday second only to Christmas. When Brooke found herself face-to-face with the monsignor during a pre-St. Patrick’s Day confession, she realized it would take more than an act of contrition to save her.

When Rebecca Siegel’s Northern Irish friend, Michael, decided to throw an end-of-term party for all of the international language teachers in an abandoned warehouse, she didn’t have high hopes for the evening. However, after several drinks, a leprechaun, and a lucky getaway, it turned into one of the most epic nights of her life. 

Hear how the luck of the Irish rubbed off on these two ladies, in this week's Ex Fabula Radio:

As we prepare for our 9th season, we are also accepting applications for our third class of Ex Fabula Fellows examining the very real and pressing issues of race, place, privilege and oppression. Visit Ex Fabula for more information.

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