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Two Milwaukee Neighborhoods Featured At Doors Open 2017

Michelle Maternowski
Tandem in Lindsay Heights

Since its founding seven years ago, Doors Open has become a can’t-miss Milwaukee event. The fall weekend-long event offers people a chance to see places that are often off-limits to the general public, as well as showcases buildings, businesses, and even neighborhoods in a different light.

While some favorites - like the observation deck at the US Bank Center - are again on the list, this year, organizers are placing special emphasis on two particular neighborhoods - one on the south side: Layton Boulevard West, and the other on the north side, Lindsay Heights

"Each year we choose different spotlight neighborhoods...where a lot of great, well-established businesses are thriving and then also feature new businesses," says  Grace Fuhr, special events director for Historic Milwaukee, which plans Doors Open.  

Spotlight - Lindsay Heights Neighborhood

Located at: 1848 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

Located at: 1617 W. North Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

Credit Innovation and Wellness Commons
The Juice Kitchen is part of the Innovation and Wellness Commons in Lindsay Heights.

"It's more than juice," says JoAnne Sabir, co-owner of the Juice Kitchen. "My husband has created a foundation where people feel love...and the juice becomes secondary. It tastes good and it's good for you and all those things, but it absolutely becomes secondary to the love that you feel when you walk in the door. And I think it's a sense of possibility, that we were able to locate the juice kitchen in a place that we couldn't see possibility."

Spotlight - Layton Boulevard West Neighborhood

  • Mitchell Park Greenhouses of the Domes of Milwaukee County

Located at: 524 S. Layton Blvd., Milwaukee, WI

Mitchell Park Greenhouse Facilities for the Domes of Milwaukee County

"For the first time the Milwaukee County Domes greenhouses are going to be open for the public," says Fuhr. "Those are greenhouses that grow the flowers and plants that end up in the domes spaces."

​Located at: 3700 W. Pierce St., Milwaukee, WI

Urban Ecology Center-- Menomonee Valley location

"[One of] three sites [including Escuela Verde and the Pedal Milwaukee Building]...within one block of each other...doing a lot of cool, innovative work in Milwaukee," notes Fuhr. 

  • St. Joseph Chapel

Located at: 1501 S. Layton Blvd., Milwaukee, WI

Credit School Sisters of St. Francis
Chapel of Perpetual Adoration

"St. Joseph Chapel is a very historic space in that neighborhood that is architecturally stunning, and they will be celebrating their one hundredth anniversary this year," says Fuhr.