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Ex Fabula: What Could Go Wrong?

Art Montes
Storyteller Peter May

The wait is over, Milwaukee - it’s finally here! Ex Fabula’s Season 9 kicks off this Tuesday, October 17th with a night of fun, folly, and, "What Could Go Wrong?" Get your tickets early to ensure you get a seat.


As Ex Fabula continues its mission to strengthen community bonds we’ve added something special to our Kick Off event. Join us before the StorySlam for the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s On the Table initiative. On Oct. 17th, thousands of people throughout the four-county region will participate in On the Table by gathering in small groups to engage in meaningful conversation about the individual and collective measures we can take to improve the quality of life in our community. Ex Fabula invites you to join our table to discuss leveraging our stories for greater community impact. Registration is required.

In anticipation of Tuesday’s big StorySlam, this week we’re featuring stories that seemed like great ideas in the beginning. With all the "i’s" dotted and "t’s" crossed, these storytellers may have asked themselves, “What Could Go Wrong?”

In college Peter May took up cliff diving. It was a great adrenaline rush and a great way to impress women — until one dive landed him in the ER. Years later Peter found himself in a Grecian hotel surrounded by a majestic view, including several topless bathing beauties. Needing something grand to get their attention, he remembered his spectacular diving abilities. And seemed to forget that unfortunate ER visit. Tune in to find out if history repeated itself.

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Shruti Gopinathan.

Shruti Gopinathan had done her research. Italy was the perfect honeymoon destination. It had tons of history for Shruti (a history buff) and amazing cuisine for her husband (the foodie). She checked and double checked the reviews on hotels, compared rates and mapped the locations. Finally settling on a lovely little bed and breakfast only blocks away from the station, Shruti made the reservation. They were going to Italy. What could go wrong? Tune in to find out.

If due to a crack in the Earth you cannot make it to Tuesday’s big event or if you just can’t get enough storytelling, we have another event next week. Join us at the Milwaukee Historical Society on Thursday, October 19th for "On the Road," a curated StorySlam with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featuring Wisconsin travel stories.

Remember, we have the stage. You have the stories. Let’s share.

So, what could go wrong, do you ask? Listen to this week's show, to find out!