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Slideshow: A Milwaukee Photographer's Transformative Time in India

Milwaukee area photographer Kipp Friedman has shot thousands of images of other people’s joyous occasions - weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other parties and observances.  But it was his own vacation, far from the banquet rooms of Shorewood or Oak Creek, that inspired him to compile a photo book.

Kipp Friedman is also author of the memoir, "Barracuda in the Attic."

Friedman says he and his wife alternate choosing destinations, but when she chose India, he didn’t complain.  The trip across the world was an important one for him that he sought to bring to other audiences with his collection, called 12 Days In India.

"There were a number of reasons I was excited about going," Friedman says.  "But I knew it would be a feast for the eyes.  And I was just open to whatever I encountered."

The element that especially struck him, Friedman explains, was how India's many religions shaped much of what he saw.  "You see people practicing it in a very beautiful, open way, and I was very impressed by that.  It was very transformational, and I purposely tried to capture those candid moments."