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Wisconsinites Donate Nearly $2.7 Billion Each Year, Study Finds

A recent report shows that Wisconsinites donate almost $2.7 billion to charitable causes each year.

It's the gift giving season. But it's not just gifts in a stocking or under a tree — it’s also the season many people do their charitable giving. And a recent report shows Wisconsinites are pretty generous.

The study by the Wisconsin Philanthropy Network shows people, foundations and companies give almost $2.7 billion to charitable causes each year.

"The 10-year trajectory of giving over the last decade suggests that Wisconsin is just a consistently good, generous community of givers," says Tony Shields, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Philanthropy Network. 

Overall, giving in the U.S. rose by more than 5 percent between 2016 and 2017. Caty Bulgrin, the director of operations and research at the Wisconsin Philanthropy Network, says the economy played a big role. 

"Just like nationally, the stock market did great in 2017. Any time the stock market does great, everyone has a little bit more disposable income. And with the economic stability, I think ... they're typically a little bit more generous with their philanthropy," she explains.