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Milwaukeeans Doing Extraordinary Things For Less-Fortunate People

Aliza Baran
Mollie's Angels are one of several groups featured in the December Milwaukee Magazine.

Earlier this week, we heard about the strong state of charitable giving in Wisconsin and a recent report on philanthropy here. While some are giving money to nonprofits that help people in the community, others are developing unique ways of making a difference.

Writer Carolyn Kott Washburne writes about eight of these people organizations, and the amazing work they do, in an article in the December issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

"I was very grateful to be able to write this story," says Kott Washburne. "I can't speak to how many dollars Milwaukee-area people give to nonprofits, but I'm certainly, as a result of this story, aware of the time and energy and caring and love that is available in our community. It was a total eye-opener."