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Enabling the healthcare revolution: Niko Skievaski

Paulius Musteikis
Portrait of Niko Skevaski

Niko Skievaski created a delightfully satirical coffee table book in which artists illustrate some of the more bizarre diagnostic codes. He started a publishing company and helped launch a health-focused coworking space. But his biggest value add is Madison-based Redox, which operates a platform developers can use to create and distribute health industry software. Since Niko co-founded Redox with Luke Bonney and James Lloyd in 2014, it has grown to nearly 200 employees and raised nearly $100 million.

As Redox grew, it hired experienced executives and managers to do many of the jobs the founders had done initially. Niko questioned whether he should stay at Redox or leave and work on another startup. Then Covid happened. Redox’s business slowed; the company had to lay off 25% of its employees. And Niko found his new role. Now he works to ensure Redox has a culture that is resilient, provides the psychological safety that feeds innovation and realizes its potential as a platform for the healthcare revolution.

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