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Semiconductor chips and B2B marketing: Mo Faisal and Lindsay Tjepkema

Courtesy of Mo Faisal/The Vogue Indianapolis
Mo Faisal and Lindsay Tjepkema

Mo Faisal set out to build better and more energy efficient semiconductor chips. Lindsay Tjepkema wanted to update the business-to-business marketing playbook. Both founded startups to do it.

Mo Faisal didn’t know any English when he arrived in Canada from Pakistan. But a little more than three years later, he graduated at the top of his high school class. Mo’s academic success continued through a Ph.D program at University of Michigan, where he developed ideas for building better, more energy efficient semiconductor chips. Those ideas became the basis for Movellus, a startup with disruptive chip design technologies. Movellus has grown to 25 employees, has customers on three continents and has raised more than $20 million. 

Lindsay Tjepkema had worked in eight different jobs doing brand and content management with a wide range of products. So when Scott Dorsey, who’d sold his startup to Salesforce for $2.5 billion, reached out to pick her brain about business-to-business marketing, she was prepared to talk. What she wasn’t prepared for was a life-changing conversation that ultimately led her to start her own company. Lindsay is founder and CEO of Casted, an Indianapolis startup with nearly 50 employees, a growing customer list that includes IBM, Salesforce, and Paypal, and $9.5 million of investor funding. 

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