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UWM Chancellor's Report
Airs on the first Thursday of the month from 1:30-2 p.m. and the Sunday that follows from 7:30-8 p.m.

Learn about issues in higher education and what’s happening at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Featuring UWM Chancellor Mark A. Mone

  • One of UW-Milwaukee’s strengths is its partnerships. They are multi-faceted and can focus on a number of areas, including economic development and issues of equity. Today, we will talk about the value and importance of public-partnerships with UWM Chancellor Mark Mone and guest Lafayette Crump, the City of Milwaukee’s Commissioner of City Development.
  • UW-Milwaukee is ramping up for the year ahead as many families begin pivoting from summer to back to school. But summer is anything but quiet on campus as thousands of new students and their families experience orientations, planning for fall in what will be year three of the pandemic, and advocating for support during turbulent times.
  • Fundraising for higher education can be a tricky business, especially when faced with challenges like competition, the pandemic, inflation and shifting perceptions about the value of higher education. Joining WUWM General Manager John Hess and Chancellor Mark Mone is Joan Nesbitt, UWM’s new vice chancellor for development and alumni relations.
  • It’s not headline news that the pandemic has impacted education, but the enduring issue of anemic college enrollments and the unexpected drop-off of pursuing higher education has sparked national conversations. Today, we’ll talk about how these trends have emerged and how they’re likely to impact the future. Joining Chancellor Mone are guests Liz Willen, Hechinger Report Editor in Chief; Doug Belkin, Higher Education Reporter, Wall Street Journal; Kay Eilers, UWM Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment; and Dave Clark, UWM Vice Provost for Student Success.
  • The number of people quitting their jobs in the past six months is unprecedented. Today, we’ll talk about how this “Great Resignation” can be turned into the “Great Reawakening” for employers.
  • 2021 was a year marked by a continued global pandemic and sharply climbing mental health needs. On today's Chancellor's Report, we’ll talk about starting this new year with healing and bolstering mental health.
  • WUWM General Manager John Hess interviews Chancellor Mark Mone and guests Jennifer Abele, UWM’s Senior Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships; Dave Vasko, Director of Advanced Technologies, Rockwell Automation; and Don Vu, Chief Data Officer, Northwestern MutualPartnerships at UWM take many forms and often include companies, community organizations, other academic institutions, government agencies and trade associations. Today, we will talk about the value and importance of corporate-university partnerships.
  • On today’s Chancellor’s Report we’ll talk about WaterMarks — a collaborative that's bringing artists, scientists & community members together in targeted areas of the city to help people better understand their relationships to the water systems and infrastructure that support their lives. Joining Chancellor Mone are guests Julia Taylor, President, Greater Milwaukee Committee; Mary Miss, Founder, City as a Learning Lab; and Ryan Holifield, UWM Associate Professor of Geography.
  • On this UWM Chancellor's Report we'll talk to Chancellor Mark Mone about updates on how this fall’s UWM semester is progressing. would go here.