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Marquette Poll Shows Clinton Widening Gap Against Trump in Wisconsin

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at the Borinquen Health Care Center on August 9, 2016 in Miami, Florida.

Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by a 10-point margin among registered voters in Wisconsin and by 15 points among likely voters, according to the latest Marquette Law School Poll released Wednesday.

A month ago, Clinton held  a 6-point lead among registered voters here and a 4-point advantage among likely voters.

However, the poll also shows that most Wisconsin voters don't have high opinions of either presidential nominee. Democrat Clinton has a 53-percent unfavorable rating compared with Republican Trump's 65-percent.

The poll took place August 4-7 and has a 4.6-percent margin of error.

When it comes to Wisconsin politicians, House Speaker Paul Ryan has a 54-percent approval rating among state voters - with 80-percent of Republicans here giving him high marks.

In Wisconsin's race for U.S. Senate, Democratic challenger Russ Feingold leads GOP Senator Ron Johnson by 6-points among registered voters and 11-points among likely voters. One third of voters say they don't know enough about Johnson to have an opinion of him.

Several survey questions involving Gov. Walker did not reflect favorably on his job performance.

His approval rating remained at 38 percent, the same as a month ago, and most people who took part in the poll disagree with Walker's plan for funding transportation projects. He wants the state to borrow more money to plug an anticipated $1 billion shortfall.

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According to the Marquette survey, just 12-percent of voters agree. Most, 43-percent, favor a higher gas tax or registration fee to keep road projects on track. Walker continues to oppose raising taxes.

President Obama's approval rating among Wisconsin registered voters is 53-percent, according to the Marquette poll.