Thursday on Lake Effect: 'Unsolved' Season 3, Fit For You, 'How To Properly Dispose Of Planet Earth'

Jan 31, 2019

Thursday on Lake Effect:


On another very cold day, a cold case from 1998 makes the background for the third season of the Journal Sentinel's "Unsolved" series and podcast.  Plus, learn why your New Year's diet resolution might not have held up.  We talk about the beginning of the universe, and a potential end for it in a new middle grade novel by Milwaukee native and New Yorker cartoonist Paul Noth.



  • Gina Barton, Journal Sentinel
  • Becky Kerkenbush, dietician
  • Jean Creighton, astronomy contributor
  • Paul Noth, New Yorker cartoonist and author, "How To Properly Dispose of Planet Earth"