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Memorial Day: Remembering Sacrifice, Acknowledging Struggle


On this Memorial Day, 2014, America will honor those who lost their lives, serving the country.

For some, Memorial Day means  remembering a loved one or a fellow soldier. And afterward, picking up and moving forward.

Jon Christensen is a Vietnam veteran and a therapist.

He says veterans can hold their own set of heartaches and trauma and this also affects families. Christensen says the therapeutic community used to focus solely on the vet, but today, it understands the importance of reaching out to loved ones, as well.

"None of us operate in a vacuum. So, if our spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends or family, are not knowledgeable about what we're going through, our chance of being successful and having a balanced life, are greatly diminished," Christensen says.

He says the need to reach out to families is finally getting more attention.

Christensen credits the persistence of Vietnam veterans for a change in the style of outreach used far more often today by therapists in helping former service members forge healthy connections with family and friends, and others.