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Local Groups React to Supreme Court Ruling in Hobby Lobby Contraception Case

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that some companies that object to birth control on religious grounds don’t have to pay for employees’ contraception.

The ruling goes against the requirement in the Affordable Care Act that employers’ health care plans provide preventative services, including contraception, without a co-pay.

The case involves the Oklahoma-based company Hobby Lobby. Dozens of other businesses also have sued over the requirement. The ruling only applies to corporations such as Hobby Lobby, which are controlled by a small group of individuals.

The group Pro-Life Wisconsin applauded the ruling, calling it a “major victory for religious freedom.” In a statement, Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director Peggy Hamill said “opening a family business should not require you to abandon your conscience.”

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice also put out a statement. It says contraceptives should remain covered, without a co-pay. The organizations say “the decision to use birth control is a woman’s personal decision and her boss should not be able to interfere.”

Ann-Elise Henzl became News Director in September 2017.