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Friday on Lake Effect: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Charitable Giving, Potsie

Friday on Lake Effect:

The remarkable story of Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, a music group that weathered that country’s brutal civil war, and is now waiting out the ebola crisis in the United States. Later, the second half of our conversation on end-of-year charitable giving. We’ll chat with Potsie, or at least Anson Williams, the actor who played Potsie on Happy Days. He has a new memoir out. And seasonal poetry from Jenny Benjamin and commentary from Avi Lank.


  • Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, music
  • Janet Marie Tierney, Fiserv and Lake Effect contributor
  • Jenny Benjamin, poet
  • Anson Williams, actor, author, Singing to a Bulldog
  • Avi Lank, essayist​