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Lake Effect Weekend: Math & Common Core, Iowa's Marriage Equality Leadership, Radio Chipstone

This weekend on Lake Effect:

Today on the show, a UW Madison math professor weighs in on why the way we teach math is always changing. Then, we take a look at how the state of Iowa has changed - or stayed the same - six years after the state Supreme Court unanimously overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriages in 2009. The official historian of Major League Baseball talks about whether the sport is still an important part of becoming American, and we’ll have the latest edition of Radio Chipstone.


  • Jordan Ellenberg, UW-Madison professor of mathematics
  • Tom Witosky, co-author of Equal Before the Law: How Iowa Led Americans to Marriage Equality
  • John Thorn, official historian of Major League Baseball
  • Melanie Herzog, Art Historian and teacher at Edgewood College & Andy Krauhaar, Visual Materials Curator at the Wisconsin Historical Society; Gianofer Fields, material culture contributor