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Wednesday on Lake Effect: Waukesha Water Request, 'Thank You. NEXT?', and 'A Study in Charlotte'

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

After years of work and controversy, a request from the city of Waukesha to draw on Lake Michigan water has been approved. Then, Milwaukee Opera Theatre commissions a new work that brings the tension filled world of auditions to life. Later, why Wisconsin writer Brittany Cavallaro – and so many others – continue coming back to the mysteries of Holmes and Watson. Plus, singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield looks back on writing songs since she was 11 years old.


  • Susan Bence, WUWM environmental reporter
  • Jill Anna Ponasik and David Flores, co-directors of Thank You. NEXT?; Alicia Berneche, librettist; Tim Rebers, composer
  • Brittany Cavallaro, author, A Study in Charlotte
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield, singer-songwriter


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