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Wednesday on Lake Effect: Hillary Clinton Speech, NPR Special Coverage, Local Election Panel

*Our regularly scheduled program was preempted due to coverage of Hillary Clinton's concession speech and President Obama's address following the election results.

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

Local political scientists Lilly Goren and Thomas Holbrook discuss how the national trends were reflected in Wisconsin, and the message voters were sending here and elsewhere. Also discussed are the ramifications for the Electoral College and Paul Ryan’s leadership position in the house of representatives.

"Up until yesterday, Republicans were whining about the so-called democratic lock on the Electoral College, which was a myth...The problem in the past had been that the Republicans hadn't gotten enough of the popular vote," Holbrook explains. "Now we've got a virtual toss up with the Democrat getting the slightly more popular vote, and just the way the vote's distributed it ends up giving us the popular vote loser as the next president. So I hope if nothing else, this will put to bed the complaints of the democratic lock on the Electoral College."


  • Lilly Goren and Thomas Holbrook, political scientists

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