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Friday on Lake Effect: Mara Liasson, Education News, MIGHTi, Speedskating, Bubbler Talk

Friday on Lake Effect:

NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson joins us to sort out the confusing web involving President Trump, Democrats, Republicans, and the future of DACA. Later, WUWM's education reporter opens her reporter's notebook to look at what's happening on the education beat this week. We learn how eating insects could solve global nutrition challenges. Plus, a chat with two members of the US National Speedskating Team training this week in Milwaukee for next year's Winter Olympics. And Bubbler Talk answers a heavy question about cream city brick.


  • Mara Liasson, NPR National Political Correspondent
  • Rachel Morello, WUWM education reporter
  • Valerie Stull, co-founder, MIGHTi
  • Sugar Todd and Mitch Whitmore, US National Speedskating Team
  • Bubbler Talk