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Wednesday on Lake Effect: Thanksgiving's First Feast Menu, GERD, Fit For You

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

Everything you think you know about the Thanksgiving meal is wrong. Food historian Kyle Cherek joins us with the menu from that first feast in 1621. Then, while acid reflux is generally just a mild annoyance, we learn how it can be a serious issue for some people. Essayist Joanne Nelson thinks about the meaning of the food in our refrigerators, and Fit for You learns about Muscle Activation Technique (MAT).


  • Kyle Cherek, contributor & food historian
  • Dr. Jon Gould, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Joanne Nelson, essayist
  • Emily Yenor, Muscle Activation Technique Certified Specialist & physical therapist
  • Antoine Dufour, fingerstyle guitarist
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