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Some Republicans Attack Plan To Bring Afghan Refugees To Wisconsin

Fort McCoy is located in Monroe County, Wisconsin.
Wikimedia Commons
Fort McCoy is located in Monroe County, Wisconsin.

The U.S. Army says it's preparing for hundreds or maybe a couple thousand Afghan refugees to be temporarily housed at Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin.

The announcement has set off at least two Republican politicians.

Wisconsin House member Tom Tiffany, who represents an area just north and east of the fort, said he's "deeply disturbed" by reports that many Afghans per day are headed to the United States. In a press release issued Wednesday, he worried whether they will have valid visas or even basic identity documents. Tiffany complained that the Biden administration "has declined to elaborate on how many will come, what screening will be carried out prior to arrival, or what will happen after they land here."

The Republican added, "The White House should abandon this dangerous, ready-fire-aim plan and mitigate risk by transporting Afghans to safe third countries for vetting."

Another member Republican, Derrick Van Orden, who is expected to run for the western Wisconsin open House seat being vacated by Democrat Ron Kind tweeted a half dozen questions including,"What happens when one is found to have worked with our enemies?"

Van Orden also asked, "Will they be quarantined for COVID?"

The Army has said the refugees will be brought in under special immigrant visas and be helped by resettlement agencies to find housing, schools, employment and health care.

A Democratic Party press release said Van Orden and Tiffany "have put out divisive statements that are not in line with Wisconsin values." A party official could not be reached for an interview.

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