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Lake Effect’s Joy Powers chats with Venice Williams, the executive director of Alice’s Garden and the Fondy Food Center, about gardening, herbal remedies and healthy cooking.

How to plant throughout the winter

The first frost of winter doesn't necessarily end the planting season
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The first frost of winter doesn't necessarily end the planting season.

As the winter season draws near, many gardeners scramble to harvest the remaining plants from their gardens. However, contrary to popular belief, the winter season is an opportune time for some plants to be planted, allowing them to be harvested in the early spring.

Venice Williams, executive director of Alice's Garden in Milwaukee, explains how herbs such as parsley can continue to be planted and harvested through the next few months. Similarly, garden pansies are resilient in winter months. Pansies are edible and can help relieve sore throats, treat respiratory issues and relieve coughs. They can also cleanse the digestive system.

As many gardeners do, Williams encourages planting garlic in your gardens during this season but advises leaving three or four feet in between to make room for other plants. The familiarly pungent aroma and properties of garlic allow it to act as a highly effective repellent for harmful insects and can protect other plants by being planted next to them.

Along with these tips, Williams recommends the book Homegrown Remedies by Anne McIntyre for recipes for healthy, plant-based remedies and more growing tips.


Joy is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.
Rob is All Things Considered Host and Digital Producer.
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