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Song Premiere: Listen To Laurel Halo's 'Sex Mission'

Brooklyn producer Laurel Halo.
Georg Gatas
Courtesy of the artist
Brooklyn producer Laurel Halo.

Carnal implications abound on "Sex Mission," a new techno track from the Brooklyn-based musician Laurel Halo. There's the not-exactly-subtle title, and the EP from whence it comes is called Behind the Green Door (out May 21), a nod to a ground-breaking porn flick from the 1970s. The music itself throbs like an accelerating heartbeat. A looped grainy sample — "be still" — conjures up an imaginary lover who's about to show you a really good time.

But, like Lucille Bluth, "Sex Mission" gets off by withholding. Halo keeps things at a tantalizing simmer as the song chugs along, never quite reaching boiling temperatures. It's as tasteful as the title is crass.

As explicit as the song's title sounds, Laurel Halo's description of her song is nearly abstract. "The track is about driving energy and elevation via dynamic topographies," Halo told me over email. "Movement and introspection are paramount."

The reminder to dance is a good one, because "Sex Mission" has the power to stop you in your tracks.

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