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The 25 Movies To Which 'World War Z' Is A Sequel, Probably

Brad Pitt is Gerry Lane, Abigail Hargrove is Rachel Lane, and Mireille Enos is Karin Lane in <em>World War Z</em>.
Jaap Buitendijk
Paramount Pictures
Brad Pitt is Gerry Lane, Abigail Hargrove is Rachel Lane, and Mireille Enos is Karin Lane in World War Z.

World War A (in which Isaac Newton is bonked on the head and still bravely figures out gravity)

World War B (spun off from a VH1 reality show)

World War C (in which two dudes hit each other with cellos for 2.5 hours)

World War D (part of The Great Report Card Skirmish Of 1998)

World War-E (in which a tiny robot rolls around and watches Hello Dolly and then smashes the doubloons out of everything in sight)

World War F (the [bleep]ing best war ever)

World War G (gorilla versus giraffes versus gerbils versus guinea pigs) (brutal)

World War H (sometimes, the war is silent)

World War I (often confused with World War I)

World War J (alternate title: World War Erving)

World War K (cereal warfare)

World War L (ends in Canarsie)

World War M (about the one thousandth world war)

World War N (directly follows World War N-1, followed by World War N+1)

World War O (Oprah's war)

World War P (when you lie on your side, it's just a war between people sticking their tongues out at each other)

World War Q (Almost always followed by World War U)

World War R (pirate war)

World War S (emphasizing that there are always many, many world wars)

World War T (the war between the shirts)

World War U (where we learn to party and chase monsters)

World War V (inside every warrior, there's a space lizard)

World War W (whatever)

World War X (the sexiest World War)

World War Y (the war for men only)

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