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The Last Film I'd Want To See


Now it's time to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back from Isn't It Ironic, Jessica Morello; from Minimum Sentence, Whitney Reynolds; from Sensational Spelling Bee, Virginia Roberts; and from Nursery Rhyme News, Kevin Maroney.


EISENBERG: They'll be playing our Ask Me One More final round, and I'm going to ask puzzle guru Mary Tobler to lead our final game.

MARY TOBLER: With pleasure, Ophira. This last round is called The Last Film I'd Want to See. Fittingly, each answer is a film title that contains the word last. For example if I asked you for a movie in which Tom Cruise bravely fights ninjas, you would answer "The Last Samurai."

Now we're playing this spelling-bee style. So one wrong answer, and you're out. You'll only have a few seconds to give us an answer. The last person standing will be our grand prize winner. Now remember all of the answers are movie titles with the word last somewhere in that title. Here we go. Jessica, in this "Raiders of the Lost Ark" sequel, Sean Connery is introduced as Indiana Jones' dad.

JESSICA MORELLO: "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

TOBLER: Correct. Whitney, a 1997 teen horror film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar or what a teacher might say to a student after she gives her first report at the start of the school year.

WHITNEY REYNOLDS: "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

TOBLER: Correct.


TOBLER: Virginia, four words: Daniel Day Lewis, moccasins.

VIRGINIA ROBERTS: Oh, "The Last of the Mohicans."



TOBLER: Kevin, in this controversial 1988 drama, Willem DaFoe has a reasonably good time as the son of God until Judas, played by Harvey Keitel, betrays him.

KEVIN MARONEY: "Last Temptation of Christ."

TOBLER: Correct.


TOBLER: Jessica, Forest Whitaker won a Best Actor award for playing Idi Amin in this 2006 film.

MORELLO: "The Last King of Scotland."

TOBLER: Correct.


TOBLER: Whitney, Julia Stiles hoofs it hip-hop style into our hearts in this 2001 teen drama.

REYNOLDS: "Save the Last Dance."



TOBLER: Virginia, it's the Martin Scorsese documentary about the final performance of the band The Band with ironically little music in three-quarter time.

ROBERTS: I have no idea, "The Last Band"?

TOBLER: No, Kevin.

MARONEY: "The Last Waltz."

TOBLER: Correct. And Virginia, I'm sorry, thank you but that means you're out. Jessica, starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, this film about sex and relationships was based on the David Mamet play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago."

MORELLO: "Last Friday Night," something like that?

TOBLER: No, I'm sorry. Whitney?

REYNOLDS: "Last Answer I'm Going to give on This Stage.


TOBLER: Kevin, can you get it for the win, starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, this film about sex and relationships was based on the David Mamet play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago."

MARONEY: "About Last Night."

TOBLER: Correct.


EISENBERG: Kevin Maroney, you are our Ask Me Another big winner. You are getting an amazing prize. You are getting "The Grilling Book." It is like a bible that Bon Appetit has put together for all of your grilling needs, plus Adam Rapoport is going to give you personalized tips, dining tips for your next dinner party with your friends. So congratulations.



EISENBERG: That's all we have time for right now, but you can be a puzzle player any time, any place. Take us with you by downloading our podcast, or you can always find us on Facebook or Twitter. Just look around for NPR ASK ME ANOTHER. ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is Mary Tobler.

TOBLER: Hey, my name anagrams to later, my bro.

EISENBERG: Our house musician is Jonathan Coulton.

TOBLER: Thou jolt, a canon.

EISENBERG: Our puzzle editor is Art Chung, with additional puzzle writing with Travis Larchuck(ph), Josiah Madigan(ph), Rock Mann(ph), Adam Markowitz(ph), John Sellers(ph) and Noah Tarno(ph). ASK ME ANOTHER is produced by Jesse Baker(ph), Josh Rogason(ph), John Asanti(ph) and Eleanor Kagan(ph) along with Portia Robertson-Migas(ph) and Eric Newsom(ph).

We are recorded by Damon Whittimore(ph) and Kristin Molar(ph) and Jeff O'Neal(ph). We'd like to thank The Bell House.

TOBLER: Hot Heel Blues.

EISENBERG: Our home in Brooklyn, New York, and our production partner WYNC. I'm Her Ripe Begonias.

TOBLER: Ophira Eisenberg.


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