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Web Exclusive: Betty's Famous Potato Pancake Recipe

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We have it, and now you do, too.

After hearing this week's feature on the (unofficial) Potato Pancake Queen of Palmyra, Wisconsin, several listeners have contacted us, wondering if her legendary recipe is available.

We're pleased to say that Betty Betenz and the keepers of the recipe - Rushing Waters Fisheries - have consented to sharing it with us, and with you.

Here it is:

Betty’s Famous Potato Pancakes

6 ½ C. Grated Idaho Potato

1 tsp. Baking Powder

1 Tbsp.  Salt

2 Eggs

1 C. White Flour

1 Med. Onion Grated

Canola Oil for Frying

Peel and grate potatoes. Place grated potato in a cheese cloth line colander and press out as much water as possible. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Peel and Grate Onions and use the cheese cloth colander method to squeeze excess water from onions.

Mix together the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Combine onions, potatoes and eggs then incorporate them into the dry mixture.  

Heat a thick pan, preferably cast iron, with a generous layer of frying oil. When the oil is hot, scoop rounded dollops (three Tbsp. or so) of the mixture onto the pan. Then go back to each cake and flatten it down a bit with the back of your spoon. Allow the pancake to fry until deep golden on the first side. Carefully turn the pancakes over and fry on the second side. Once the pancakes are crisp and evenly cooked, remove from the oil to a cooling rack with paper towel beneath. Continue until all the all of the mixture is fried. Serve with apple sauce, maple syrup or sour cream.

Recipe courtesy Rushing Waters Fisheries and Betty Betenz