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Twin Forks On Mountain Stage

Twin Forks.
Brian Blauser
Mountain Stage
Twin Forks.

Twin Forks appears on Mountain Stage, recorded live in Charleston, W.Va. Led by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Chris Carrabba, Twin Forks was formed after his nearly two-decade run leading the emo-rock band Dashboard Confessional.

Largely acoustic but still heavily influenced by pop and rock, Twin Forks draws influence from folk heavyweights like Townes Van Zandt, Cat Stevens, and Gordon Lightfoot — musicians who have long held an important place in Carrabba's musical sensibilities. Mandolinist and banjo player Kelsie Barbnoski's voice shines alongside Carrabba's, and the band is rounded out by Shawn Zorn on drums and bassist Jonathan Clark. Twin Forks' self-titled debut came out earlier this year.


  • "Can't Be Broken"
  • "Something We Just Know"
  • "Cross My Mind"
  • "Kiss Me Darling"
  • "Scraping Up The Pieces"
  • "Back To You"
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